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Transforming Construction Through Innovation

Easy Built Systems have been a pioneer of the flat pack kit building market for many years.

We’re revolutionizing the housing market by bringing the efficiency and precision of factory manufacturing to home building. By transforming the way homes are built, we make the dream of modern living a reality.

Easy Built Homes designs, manufactures, delivers, and

installs beautiful single-family homes and other housing

solutions across Australia. Our patented aluminium-frame

modular system makes it possible to build architect-

designed homes, semi-custom homes, multi-unit

communities, and shelters, faster and more affordably and

cutting out time and money wasted in the traditional

construction process.


Prefab construction is gradually making conventional home

building a thing of the past. We believe that before long, all

homes will be factory-built. We’re proud to lead the way. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, developer, government

agency or investor, we’d love to put our experience and

expertise to work for you.

Easy built systems is defining the next generation of high-

performance homes, designed and built using an integrated

process inspired by the use of the assembly line production

concept and offering unprecedented precision architecture

of freedom and Energy efficiency.

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Get in Touch

135 Ebley St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia


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